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A Facebook scam that has been circulating for years seems to be making a comeback. And if you fall for it, you’ll have sầu your Facebook login info stolen by the scammers, who can then hachồng your trương mục and use it for a variety of nefarious purposes.

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The scam works by tricking Facebook users inlớn clicking a link lớn a video. The đoạn phim will often have sầu some variation of “Is this you?” or “Did you make this video?” in the description lớn pique your interest, và will likely come from one of your friends (who already fell for this scam và had their credentials stolen).

If you click on the link, you’ll be taken to lớn a giả Facebook login page with a message about confirming your information before you can access the video clip. It is pretty obvious the page is fake if you notice the URL at the top. But if you"re not paying attention và you enter your info here, you’ve sầu just given the scammers what they need to take over your account.


As a final insult, you won’t be taken to the video (which never existed in the first place), but dumped inkhổng lồ a spammy affiliate ad network for NSFW games, sketchy ứng dụng downloads & survey scams. I’ve seen a few valid apps, too, such as Norton Secure VPN on Google Play, but these companies have sầu no part in the scam (after I notified Symantec, Norton’s parent company, about the app’s inclusion, a spokesperson told me “Upon learning of this issue, we worked with our Mobile advertising partner lớn quickly identify và blacklist the bad actor responsible for this threat. We are also working khổng lồ identify consumers who may have been impacted to help them with any residual effects.”)


The best course of action if you get one of these đoạn phim links from a friover is to lớn not clichồng it & notify your frikết thúc by phone or tin nhắn, if possible, that their account may have been compromised. It’s also possible the video was sent from a friend’s cloned Facebook tài khoản that a scammer used to lớn friend you in the past.

And if the scammers have sầu already taken control of your Facebook trương mục, you’ll need to go through Facebook’s trương mục recovery process khổng lồ regain access.

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So how come all the reports of exploits where people didn"t log in? Here"s what I think may be happening:

1) People did log in, but it"s such a natural action for them that they don"t even rethành viên that they did.

2) Your account was already compromised, either through a previous phishing attempt or because you have sầu weak password security that allowed an attacker to access your tài khoản through a data breach from another source.

3) These requests are coming from cloned accounts

4) You didn"t log in, but did click on a malware tải về (e.g., fake Flash update khổng lồ view video) that compromised your system.

For more insight on what is happening, go to lớn your Facebook Settings > Security và Login khổng lồ see where and when you have sầu been logged inkhổng lồ your Facebook tài khoản.

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If I uncover any new information about malware associated with this scam, I will update the article.