Cách lấy trọn 16gb miễn phí của dropbox


Just install a single virtual machine(There are many ways khổng lồ increase miễn phí space Dropbox sync as images from a memory card ( added 3GB), agree login trương mục like fb … và invite others to join Dropbox (Maximum 16GB).There have been many articles written instructions to lớn get more không lấy phí space from Dropbox, và I understand và consult on the definition of that article! including how to lớn install virtual machines to invite other people to lớn use & get extra space!(For each computer only for an account).Also used his original virtual machine and follow the installation instructions, but every time a virtual machine is invite only and if there is a normal install winxp also take some time( Games 45p) So you find a way khổng lồ install faster! & his following will guide you khổng lồ bởi vì it this way! & if the guarantee was used in less than 5 minutes(If you are svào, you can more quickly) you can get an additional 500MB of dropbox & maximum 16GB / 1tk.