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AIO Boot is an All-in-One bootable software for USB & HDD. Is one of the best Multiboot USB Creator for Windows.

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Do you often use USB lớn boot and install the operating system? Do you use multiple versions of an operating system or multiple operating systems? AIO Boot does not require reformatting the drive sầu & it can help you integrate multiple operating systems inkhổng lồ a single drive sầu, including Windows, Linux, Antivirus và Android… Just integrate new versions or new packages in the supported menu, you will have more new menus & nothing will thua kém. AIO stands for All in one, AIO Boot means booting all in a single USB drive.

This is the Grub2 thực đơn of AIO Boot, simple, lightweight và fast.

AIO Boot uses Grub2 as the mặc định boot loader. Grub2 is a powerful loader developed by GNU which supports both MBR and GPT và supports booting in both Legacy BIOS và UEFI. In addition, AIO Boot also supports lớn install Grub4dos, rEFInd, Clover, Syslinux and Enoch Chameleon. See more features of AIO Boot.

AIO Boot also supports install OS through network boot. It uses iPXE as boot loader & uses Tiny PXE Server khổng lồ initialize PXE server (HTTP & TFTP). Windows will be booted via wimboot, small utilities & DOS programs will be booted via memdisk. AIO Boot also uses FreeNFS to lớn create an NFS server khổng lồ boot some Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint…

You can download and use AIO Boot now, it’s safe and free. AIO Boot support runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & it does not drop Windows XPhường. This operating system is still supported.

How lớn use

AIO Boot is easy to lớn use software, just install and then integrate. See more about how to lớn use AIO Boot.

First, you need khổng lồ install AIO Boot on USB or HDD. This tool includes software, bootloaders, modules and scripts. Just extract AIO Boot to lớn a drive sầu and then install Grub2 or Grub4dos. AIO Boot Extractor will help you vị this, just select a drive, then click OK to lớn start the installation.


This tool also provides options to help you format the selected drive sầu to lớn FAT32 before installation, & automatically install the boot loader. If you kiểm tra the “Aukhổng lồ install Bootloader” box, Grub2 and Clover will be installed. You can also install Grub2, Clover and install Grub4dos, Syslinux, & Enoch Chameleon from the Bootloaders section of the AIOCreator.exe program. AIO Boot Extractor also supports repartition of removable disks such as USB và SDcards. It will delete all existing partitions on the disk và create new partitions as your choice, either using FAT32 only, or using both FAT32 and NTFS/exFAT.

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Upon completion of the installation process, the AIO Boot Creator program will be run automatically. At the next time you just run AIOCreator.exe pháo.


AIO Boot Creator supports the integration of multiple operating systems into a single USB drive sầu. This is the most important feature of AIO Boot, you can integrate multiple versions of Windows, Linux, Android và Antivirus… It also supports you khổng lồ create Windows VHD và partition image files (.PartIMG) for use with Partition Image Mapper. Partition Image Mapper is a solution lớn create bootable USB for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and macOS without losing the existing data on the USB drive.

Currently, AIO Boot Extractor and AIO Boot Creator only tư vấn Windows. If you are a Linux user, see the tutorial on how to Install Grub2 for AIO Boot và integrate WinPE 10 on Linux or use Grub2 File Manager.

What’s new?

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If you are using more than one operating system, then you probably have an installation disc or USB drive sầu for each system. AIO Boot proposes a simpler và more efficient solution. This lightweight utility gives you the possibility of installing more than one operating system from a single USB drive sầu. You can install Windows, Linux or other systems, using only one USB drive. Setting everything up is not a challenging task, so even novice users can phối up their all-in-one bootable installation drive.


AIO Boot goal was to lớn address the fact that there are many USB boot tools but not many that give you numerous options of what operating system you’d like khổng lồ boot with. Many techs will lượt thích the many options you have here depending on what you need.


AIO Boot is a useful tool which allows you to make your USB or other truyền thông bootable.

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