The status of naruto storm 5

Yo! This Demon Slayer Hinokangươi Keppurã game just might take me off of Naruto Storm 4 for a min. I’m sure CC2 learned a lot from the Storm series in the development of the game too.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one ready for this

We’ve created a for those who want lớn discuss more about it. Join up. The official discord và website will be connected to lớn it as well.



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There's another wannabe sub too. I look forward khổng lồ seeing which one devours the other.

Idk about all the arguing about who’s better I just know the r/DemonSlayergames sub will be very helpful for everyone và not pushing selfish agendas. Look we really want khổng lồ help everyone have sầu a NON toxic community when this game comes out và look how your talking at the moment. Who ever is running the r/HinokamiKeppuutann sub needs lớn step up & relax because you guys are showing the complete opposite of what the new community needs.

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Ngl I fully expect the Storm community lớn commit a hostle takeover of the Demon Slayer(VG) community because CC2 is making the game and I’ve heard it plays.. Just. Like. STORM.

I agree with Senju. The people who should be running the Detháng slayer sub should be the ones actually doing things lớn help grow the community và help them with not only getting news on the game but helping them be in a comfortable space when it comes lớn the detháng slayer community & tBH the way the r/HinokamiKeppuutann sub is acting rn I wouldn’t want to lớn trust them leading the new community.

Unfortunately when people want a game specific, they’ll probably go straight khổng lồ their sub.. The same way people come khổng lồ this sub specifically for all things Storm và not just ‘Narukhổng lồ games’.

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It seems Demon Slayer will be primed to not enable toxic gameplay, but only time will tell.

I was liking how senju và the r/demonslayergames is handling the situation & that seems to be like thats where i will go

Ouch. you sound hurt bro. Lol. I'm sure there will be many others for specifically that, but this will be a main hub for more than just Hinokamày Keppuutan, hence why it's called DemonSlayerGames. It's definitely going to be bigger, too. It already has a discord linked to lớn it with the largest community for the game right now. I'm not about khổng lồ join a community with the game's own name misspelled in the title. That's dead

This is dedicated to lớn everything that's a Naruto Game (mostly we are focusing on the Storm Series, but that's obvious). It is a place for Naruto fans khổng lồ communicate, get tips và essentially make friends with others who love the Narulớn series.**Please make sure lớn read the rules before posting.**