Iphone 7 plus qualcomm lte modem outperforms intel lte modem by significant margin


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How lớn kiểm tra whether iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus has Hãng Intel LTE modem or / Vs Qualcomm LTE modem, with one of them being faster than other.

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We have sầu already told you that both Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature hardware from two different manufacturers – namely Qualcomm & Intel – when it comes to lớn the LTE modem, & that’s unfortunate, because not all modems are created equal. iPhone 7 units with a Qualcomm chip inside apparently persize slightly better than those with an Hãng sản xuất Intel part.


This has been proven by a few tests now, và while we’re still not convinced that the difference in tốc độ or workable range would be a big one, we know that some of you will wonder which chip you’re using right now.

Working out the answer to that question is actually surprisingly easy. In fact, if you’re wondering whether Qualcomilimet or Hãng sản xuất Intel is powering your LTE experience on your iPhone 7 right now, the following is all you need to vày to get a quichồng answer. Head on over lớn the Settings tiện ích và select General > About > Legal > Regulatory. Here, at the top of the screen, should be the model number we’re looking for in order to lớn carry out a quichồng & dirty identification. 

Now if the Model number shown here reads A1778 or A1784, then the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in question is an AT&T or T-mobile version making use of the Hãng Intel modem. If the model number is A1660 or A1661, however, then it’s going to lớn be a Sprint or Verizon variant with a Qualcomm modem. We told you it was easy.

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As we say, though, we wouldn’t go looking for the answers here were it not for some idle curiosity. Changing iPhones, & carriers, just because of the brvà of LTE chip in use would be much too much for us khổng lồ recommkết thúc. After all, no matter which LTE hardware is in your iPhone, it’s always going khổng lồ be quiông chồng.

That’s what 4G is all about, after all.

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