Mẫu email html miễn phí

Free mở cửa Source HTML E-Mail Templates

Customize these responsive sầu, miễn phí, và community-driven templates with the cachtrongrausach.vn HTML E-Mail Builder

Oxygen is a modern, fresh kiến thiết that can incorporate any brvà & work for every type of transactional tin nhắn.

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Personalize it now using our không tính tiền lớn try cachtrongrausach.vn drag và drop visual editor, và download the HTML for use in your ESP


Mantra is a premium template theme from our friends at Thư điện tử Monks. It’s styling keeps things simple và on point.



Lifestyle is a minimal in house built email template designed khổng lồ feature large hàng hóa shots and bold typography.



Neopolichảy is a lightweight powerhouse that’s perfect for di động devices. Its clean, minimal style is great for every type of transactional tin nhắn.

Convert More with AMP

Use our pre-coded AMP nội dung blocks lớn build interactive, dynamic emails without having lớn code

Static HTML Templates:

These templates are provided as HTML files that can be downloaded & used with any email software.

For an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá experience, use these templates with a miễn phí cachtrongrausach.vn or Sendwithus tài khoản.

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What is the xuất hiện Source Email Template Project?

The cachtrongrausach.vn Open Source Template Project is a collection of miễn phí email templates created và managed by the cachtrongrausach.vn team và community. Anyone may contribute new themes & templates, or make impactful updates to lớn the existing ones.

Why was it created?

Great gmail templates are really hard khổng lồ create. Every email client renders tin nhắn differently, and none of them support modern HTML or CSS. It’s akin to lớn coding websites during the 1990’s, and nobody wants to lớn relive that pain.

We’ve sầu helped thousands of cachtrongrausach.vn và Sendwithus customers produce high unique email templates by making them responsive sầu và multi-client compatible using our robust, easy lớn use gmail builder. We want to mô tả our expertise and knowledge with everyone, and help programmers và marketers sover great looking emails without the pain of HTML.

What can I vị with the không tính tiền HTML templates?

All the email templates featured on our site are open-source. That means they’re yours! You can add to lớn them, edit them, change them in any way. You can import them inlớn your Sendwithus Dashboard to lớn start using them now, you can tóm tắt them with your friends, or you can download them for later. It’s up khổng lồ you!

How bởi I use these free templates with Sendwithus?

Easy! Download the template style you would lượt thích lớn use. Now, head lớn your Sendwithus Dashboard, click “My Templates”, then cliông xã “New Blank Template” và paste the raw HTML inkhổng lồ the box. Now it’s yours forever!

How can I contribute?

Simple! Visit our Template Project Github khổng lồ get started. All pull requests are welcome, whether you’re submitting a br& new theme or tweaking the look và feel of an existing one, sover it our way. We want khổng lồ see it.

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Don’t have sầu a Github account? Skết thúc your template designs directly khổng lồ us at community

We simplify email HTML

DML is a mark-up language developed by cachtrongrausach.vn that allows users lớn use snippets of code lớn build otherwise lengthy and complicated tin nhắn components. 130 lines of code can be summarized inkhổng lồ 10 lines of DML, less than 10% of the code required of a traditional html email.