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What bởi I get?

With your không tính phí tài khoản, you get all of this—& you won’t be charged until you choose lớn tăng cấp.

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Build connected, cross-platform experiences—tailored khổng lồ customer interactions using AI và machine learning.

Modernize applications through serverless & containers. Deploy Windows và Linux virtual machines across cloud & hybrid environments.

Create workloads that scale up và down based on dem&. Plus, deliver software more rapidly & reliably with end-to-over DevOps solutions.

Which products are miễn phí for 12 months?

These products are không lấy phí for 12 months, up to the monthly limits. Availability is based on resource và region.

750 hours

of Flexible Server Preview—Burstable B1MS Instance, 32 GB storage, & 32 GB backup storage

750 hours

of Flexible Server Preview—Burstable B1MS Instance, 32 GB storage, and 32 GB backup storage

Store & manage rarely accessed data with locally redundant storage (LRS) or geo-redundant storage (GRS).

Which products are always free?

These products are always không tính tiền, up lớn the specified amounts. Availability is based on resource và region.

Quickly create powerful apps for any platkhung or device using your choice of tools including Node.js and PHP.
Prsự kiện, detect, & respond khổng lồ threats with increased visibility and control over the security of your resources.

Do I pay anything to lớn start with the không tính tiền account?

No. Starting is không tính tiền, plus you get a $200 credit you can spkết thúc during the first 30 days.

What happens once I use my $200 không tính phí credit or I’m at the over of 30 days?

We"ll notify you so you can decide if you want to tăng cấp khổng lồ pay-as-you-go pricing và remove the spending limit. If you vày, you’ll have access lớn không tính phí products. If you don’t, your trương mục and products will be disabled, và you"ll need lớn upgrade to lớn resume usage.

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What happens at the end of the 12 months of không tính phí products?

For 12 months after you tăng cấp your trương mục, certain amounts of a number of products are không tính phí. After 12 months, you’ll be billed at the standard pay-as-you-go rates.

What vị I need khổng lồ sign up for a miễn phí account?

All you need is a phone number, a credit card, & a GitHub trương mục or tài khoản username (formerly Windows Live sầu ID).

*Depending on the country in which you sign up for your free tài khoản, you may receive sầu this credit in a specified local currency.

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Who can I talk lớn if I have questions?

Get personalized guidance và answers khổng lồ questions you might have sầu whether you’re evaluating the cloud, starting your first project, or migrating to lớn

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