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a game by Sega Studquả táo San Francisco
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 7 votes
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Iron Man 2 is the next game after the movie spin-off, Iron Man. The first game got very poor đánh giá for its clunky controls, boring plot, và ugly visuals. Iron Man 2 is a fairly standard third person shooter with a fresh plot that breaks away from the movie itself—although its unclear if it happens before or after the movies. This makes it an improvement on the original game, but unfortunately, Iron Man 2 still has a long way khổng lồ go.

Vanilla trò chơi Play

Iron Man 2 has a few points that offer exciting game play. The bosses require a little bit of strategy in order lớn successfully fkết thúc them off. This usually involves shooting specific parts of the villain in order to lớn win. Many of these villains are familiar flashbacks in the universe, which can also be nostalgic and fun.


The rest of the game is unexciting. Iron Man must punch and kichồng his way through a bản đồ to get lớn the boss, which is made easier than the previous game through a series of checkpoints. Unfortunately, combat is mostly the same & it just feels grindy và repetitive sầu as time goes on.

Ugly Visuals

The CG in Iron Man isn’t done well. This includes everything from the explosions from fighting to the cut scenes, which are supposed lớn be sharper than the actual game play. This makes fighting your way through each màn chơi even more disappointing, since the villains you are fighting against don’t even have sầu the decency khổng lồ blow up well.

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The characters themselves are so badly done, it calls into question whether the developers couldn’t get permission to use the likeness of the actors in the movie, và had to lớn vị something entirely different. With how grainy & poorly done the rest of the game is however, it could just be the graphics are that bad.

Very Short Game

The whole game can be played through in just 4-5 hours, and there isn’t much incentive sầu lớn play it again. Although there is significant opportunity for a co-op mode, the game never delivers, keeping the game entirely offline. This combined with the price tag of a full fledged game, makes the shortness of this game a particularly weak part of the whole thing.


Minor improvements lớn the first Iron Man

As depressing as this game is, it actually does improve on the first one lớn a certain extent. The game allows some armor customization, which is fun, and improves on the controls from the last time. Unfortunately, these perks aren’t enough khổng lồ carry the whole game, and it shouldn’t have lớn.

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While Iron Man 2 isn’t the worst game the world has ever seen, it’s definitely not the best. If you’re a big Iron Man bạn and need a great game to let you feel like the famous super nhân vật, a better choice might be Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. You’ll not only get khổng lồ play Iron Man, but you can vày so while enjoying a decent plot, good visuals, and sharper game play.