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In 1979 Wilcom’s founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create và produce embroidered goods.

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A global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wilcom has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions và apparel decoration. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world’s favourite embroidery software for ease-of-use, quality and service.


Today, Wilcom is present in over 100 countries with products in over 12 languages và has a global community of more than 250,000 licensed customers. Wilcom’s growth has been fuelled by continual hàng hóa innovation, new sản phẩm development và more recently through joint ventures with strategically compatible partners or direct investment in emerging markets.

Wilcom continues lớn enhance creativity in personalized expressions, by globally implementing best-of-breed solutions for textile impressions.

Key Features


Easy to lớn Use

Just because EmbroideryStudio Designing is our professional software, doesn’t mean it’s difficult to lớn learn và use! We have designed our software lớn be intuitive, efficient và enjoyable to lớn use. We are constantly consulting users lớn find out how we can continue to make EmbroideryStudio even easier for newcomers và professional users alượt thích.

Wilcom is by far the easiest & most intuitive khổng lồ use, with many time-saving features.“- C.Straw.

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Renowned for quality

You need lớn know that the designs you create on screen will look as good on the finished garment. Wilcom is renowned for unique results và trusted by the world’s leading fashion brands for this reason


Design software for all your decoration processes

Wilcom may be famous for embroidery, but we’re now your all-in-one kiến thiết solution for every type of apparel decoration. One vector file can be set up for screen print, digital print, sublimation, engraving, embroidery, appliqué, rhinestones, sequins or multi-decoration combinations.With CorelDRAW completely integrated with Wilcom software you can work fluidly between the different decoration techniques, visualize the finished results & keep it all in the one file for easy reference


Perfect Embroidery Lettering

Lettering is a huge part of the everyday embroiderer’s work. Choose from over 165 professionally digitized embroidery fonts or convert any TrueType fonts. Wilcom provides easy-to-use tools to get the look you are after with easy-to-use tools to lớn refine kerning, word & letter spacing & baselines. You can match your customer’s logo sản phẩm by editing individual letters & built-in intelligence remembers your changes for next time.Wilcom’s Monogram tool is a powerful và fast way to lớn create beautiful monograms with decorative sầu motifs và borders


Powerful Editing

Wilcom’s all-in-one .EMB tệp tin format is the recognized ‘smart’ embroidery tệp tin with object-based editing unparalleled in efficiency and control. Even stitch files such as DST are recognized as objects, giving you full, object based control và eliminating the need for stitch-by-stitch editing.Editing a kiến thiết is simple! mở cửa your kiến thiết &, using the Reshape or Stitch Edit tool, modify shapes or change stitch settings & effects options. Optimize your production with full control of underlay, pull compensation, connectors, tie ins/offs, trims, jump & stop machine functions. You can even edit individual stitches lớn address any problem areas


Embroidery Digitizing

EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing delivers a suite of sophisticated embroidery digitizing tools lớn create high chất lượng and reliable embroidery designs. With a spectrum of different stitch types, easy input đầu vào methods & precision control, Wilcom digitizing tools are built for demanding production và flexibility. Built upon 30 years of innovation, the tools work with intelligent workflows to streamline repetitive tasks and build robust design files that stitch flawlessly


Includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6


Built-in intelligence

A thiết kế created for a towel can now be stitched on silk scarf with Auto lớn Fabrics. This tool automatically applies the most suitable underlay, pull compensation & stitch density settings for your chosen fabric.You can even create your own Auto lớn Fabric và Styles khổng lồ suit your particular machines và garments, providing consistency & chất lượng control.Plus you can speed up the thiết kế creation process with automatic conversion from vector art khổng lồ embroidery which you can then edit or embellish as desired


Visualize & improve sầu production

Save sầu precious time và frustration by providing professional Approval PDFs lớn your customers with over 50 hàng hóa templates included khổng lồ visualize your kiến thiết on the garment. And when it comes khổng lồ production, Auto lớn HoopIt will choose the most suitable hoop and visualize the kiến thiết within the hoop for production.


Works with all major embroidery machine brands

Wilcom software provides the brains to your machine. As the industry’s universal embroidery software, we offer tư vấn for all the major embroidery machines including Barudan, Tajima, Brother, SWF, Melteo, Happy, ZSK và more.Stitch Manager, Machine Manager and Connection Manager give you all the options to lớn make sending designs to lớn production a snap. You can also edit machine format values to lớn get the best results.

 Video giải đáp thiết đặt Wilcom Embroidery 2006 SP4 Version 10:

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Với Windows 32bit lúc đến bước chạy tập tin Final.reg chúng ta vui tươi chờ bao giờ tệp tin hiện tại thông báo nhỏng hình dưới thì mới có thể được chạy tiếp tập tin Install.cmd


Với Windows 64bit thì vui lòng bật cơ chế Test Mode trước khi cài đặt. Sử dụng Key dành cho 64bit.

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Link Download Wilcom Embroidery 2006 SP4 Versions 10 Full:Wilcom Embroidery 2006 SP4 Version 10: Download Wilcom Embroidery 2006 Here