Vpn miễn phí cho android

It’s hard khổng lồ find a không tính phí VPN that works well on Android. I’ve tested 43 không tính phí services on my Galaxy S10+, và most of them were slow & unusable.

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Most không tính phí VPNs have hidden downsides that range from annoying ads khổng lồ privacy breaches và data leaks. Because of this, it’s best to use a reliable VPN lượt thích ExpressVPN. It’s fast, versatile, và secure. You can kiểm tra ExpressVPN on your Android risk-không lấy phí và get a refund within the 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee period if you don’t feel it’s right for you.

There are some không tính tiền VPNs that don’t put your privacy at risk, which are the limited free versions of premium VPN services. After extensive testing, I’ve put together this menu of the top free VPNs for Android, based on speed, security, and performance.

Quiông chồng Guide: 10 Best Free VPNs for Android

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What Are the Disadvantages of Free VPNs?

VPN networks are expensive to maintain. Free VPNs don’t charge their users, so they have sầu to make money in other ways.

Some providers use annoying but relatively harmless methods, like running ads. Others are outright dangerous.


Premium VPNs offer apps for most platforms, but không lấy phí services usually don’t.

Many miễn phí VPNs only offer apps for laptops & desktop computers. Most of the Android-compatible services I tested had outdated apps that used a lot of RAM và slowed my phone down significantly.

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Free VPNs don’t have sầu the best traông chồng record when it comes to protecting your data.

Many services use outdated encryption protocols or don’t encrypt your data at all.

This means your private information is exposed to lớn cybercriminals. 

Some không tính tiền VPNs have even been caught selling user data for profit & installing malware with their apps.

Premium VPNs like Hotspot Shield use military-grade encryption và keep strict no-logs policies. This means that they have sầu no record of your personal information or your online activity.


The safest không lấy phí VPNs are limited versions of premium services. They are designed lớn give you a no-cost trial and encourage you to lớn tăng cấp. These limitations can include limited speeds, data, & bandwidth, or a limited period of unrestricted use. 

You may only have access to a few servers, too. This makes it difficult khổng lồ browse, torrent, và stream.

The limitations on “free” VPNs are usually even greater và more restrictive sầu. You’ll experience busy servers, your connection will regularly drop, và you may have sầu to lớn wait for space on a server lớn open up. And even if you do get on a VPS, if it’s busy, your connection will be painfully slow, making streaming, torrenting, or anything else that uses lots of data almost impossible.

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The Best Free VPNs for Android – Full Analysis (Updated July 2021)

Free VPNs can’t offer the same speed và security as premium services bởi vì. But there are some safe, limited không lấy phí VPNs for Android. I’ve sầu tested each of these VPNs on my Galaxy S10+ & given preference lớn vendors that also offer a không lấy phí trial or money-baông chồng guarantee for premium services.

1. ExpressVPN – Risk-Free, 30-Day Money-Baông chồng Guarantee

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