Cách xóa pass win xp

Windows XP is still in use! Here are several ways lớn rephối the administrator password on your Windows XP máy vi tính or computer.

Protecting your computer with a svào, unique password remains incredibly important. You can protect your điện thoại thông minh or máy tính with a fingerprint, iris, và other biometric scanners. However, a svào single-use password is a vital layer of protection.

But what happens if you forget your Windows XPhường password? Are you locked out of your Windows XPhường tài khoản for good?

Luckily, that"s not the case. Here are five sầu ways khổng lồ rephối the administrator password on your Windows XP. máy tính xách tay or computer.

1. Remix Windows XPhường Password Using Ctrl+Alt+Del

If your Windows XP. system is set up lớn log in via the Welcome Screen, there is a chance you"ll be able lớn log in as the system administrator. Unfortunately, this is also dependent on there being no existing password on the Administrator tài khoản.

When you boot your system, it will load the Welcome Screen. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete twice to load the user login panel.

This shows the log on screen for Windows XP
Press OK lớn attempt to lớn log in without a username or password. If that doesn"t work, try typing Administrator into lớn the Username field và pressing OK.

If you"re able lớn log in, head straight lớn Control Panel > User Account > Change Account. Then, select the account that you"d lượt thích khổng lồ change the password for, và follow the on-screen instructions.

lưu ý that this won"t work in later Windows versions because the Administrator trương mục is disabled by default. Find out more in our guide to recovering a lost Windows admin password in newer versions.

2. Reset Windows XP. Password Using Safe Mode and Command Prompt

If your Windows XP Administrator trương mục remains frustratingly out of reach, you can attempt lớn rephối the password using Safe Mode và the Commvà Prompt.

To access Windows XP.. Safe Mode, you need to lớn restart your computer. Press F8 while the computer is booting. (Sometimes tapping F8 helps if you"re unsure.) Select Safe Mode with Comm& Prompt.

Using Safe Mode with Commvà Prompt
Once you enter Safe Mode, head to lớn Control Panel > User Account > Change Account. Then, select the account that you"d like khổng lồ change the password for, và follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset Windows XPhường Password Using the Commvà Prompt

There are times, however, when certain computer issues will obstruct you from changing user settings, e.g., a vi khuẩn. In those cases, you can use the Command Prompt from within Safe Mode.

From within Safe Mode, press Windows Key + R khổng lồ open the Run dialog. Type CMD and press Enter. This opens the Commvà Prompt. Now, type the following command:

net user It should look like this:

This shows the Windows Commvà Prompt
The comm& selects your account and sets a new password. If you want to lớn clear the password & set a new one at a later date, use the following command:

3. Reset Windows XP.. Password via Another Account

Resetting your Windows XPhường password via an alternative trương mục only works if you are using Windows XPhường Professional.

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Start by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Manage.

This screen capture shows the Windows XP. Start menu
Then, select System Tools > Local Users & Groups > Users. Find your user trương mục, right-clichồng, and select Set Password.

Rephối Windows XP Password via Remote User Management

If you cannot access Computer Management using your own or an alternative account, you can use remote access instead.

On a different computer (it doesn"t have sầu lớn be Windows XP, but it does have khổng lồ be a Windows machine), in the Computer Management window, right-click Computer Management (Local).

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Select Connect lớn another computer, then select Another Computer.

Enter the IPhường address of the computer you want khổng lồ connect to lớn. If you"re on the same network, it will take the size of an internal LAN address, such 192.168.x.x. Alternatively, if you know the computer name, you can use that, e.g., \DesktopPC.

If you"re unsure and connected to the same network, select Browse, then Advanced. Finally, select Find Now khổng lồ scan your local network for computers on your network.

Once you gain remote access, you can change the password by heading to lớn System Tools > Local Users và Groups > Users. Then, find your user tài khoản, right-clichồng, and select Set Password.

4. Reset Windows XPhường Password Using a Linux LiveCD or USB

If you"ve made it this far and are still locked on, this is the Windows XP. password reset fix for you.

You can use a Linux LiveCD or USB to lớn unlochồng Windows XP. & rephối your password. A Linux LiveCD or USB runs directly from the truyền thông & doesn"t require installation. Furthermore, some Linux distributions have sầu special tools for unlocking Windows systems.

We"ve previously detailed the process of installing the Linux distribution to a CD or USB, as well as how khổng lồ remix a password.

However, I"ll give you a rundown of how lớn rephối your locked Windows XP.. administrator tài khoản right here.

Reboot the Windows XP.. machine. Press either F12, ESC, or Delete khổng lồ choose your boot device. Select your CD or USB drive sầu when prompted. Press Ctrl + L to edit the Location Type computer:/// lớn see all your drives. Select your Windows installation, right-cliông chồng, & select Mount. mở cửa the Linux Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T. Run the following command to lớn install password remix utility chntpw: suvày apt-get install chntpw. (Ignoring the period.) Change the working directory using the following command: cd /mnt/Windows/System32/config Retrieve sầu a menu of Windows users using the following command: sudo chntpw -1 SAM.

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(Ignoring the period.) Find your trương mục username. Then, use the following command khổng lồ select the account: subởi vì chntpw -u “USER NAME” SAM. Then, type 2to enter editing mode. Type a new password, hit Enter to lớn submit, và y lớn confirm. Reboot inkhổng lồ Windows and use the new password.

5. Reset Windows XPhường Password: Full Format và Reinstallation

If nothing, but nothing else works, and you’re still somehow locked out of your trương mục, there is only one more option: fire. Okay, not fire. But you will have lớn remove sầu your hard drive from its host machine, connect it to another machine khổng lồ complete a backup, and then format the drive.

Once the format is complete, you can reinstall Windows XPhường, & enter a new password that you can actually remember.

Windows XPhường. Password Reset Complete

One of the tips & tricks we’ve sầu covered should have sầu helped you rephối your Windows XP.. tài khoản password. Hopefully, you didn’t have sầu to lớn resort to lớn a full system nuke & reinstall---that can be a real pain!

chú ý that even though Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.., you can still keep your Windows XPhường installation safe, as well as tweak Windows XP to lớn receive security updates.

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