Xuất file gif trong premiere

I'm currently working on putting my portfolio (I'm studying game design) together và I want to lớn highlight a mechanic with a GIF.Bạn sẽ xem: Xuất tệp tin gif trong premiere

The problem that I have with my GIF is that at the kết thúc of the GIF, there's one frame where the GIF very quickly turns khổng lồ blachồng before it loops again.

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I desperately want lớn remove sầu this black frame, is there a way khổng lồ vì it & if so, how can I fix it in the future?

Solved it: There's two ways to lớn get a GIF without getting that black frame.

First method:

When you're going khổng lồ export the Gif, Set the FPS to lớn 15, that way you won't get any black frames.


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· 3y · Stickied commentHere are five questions to lớn help people help you:

What are your system specs?

If there is an error message, what exactly does it say?

Please reply lớn this with your answers. Thanks.

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Might be easier to lớn just trim the gif online https://ezgif.com/cut

You might've left a frame in premiere at the end of the blaông chồng, which you can use the cut tool in premiere to cut out.

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I have a classmate whos's more experienced with premiere than me (can't say by how much though) và he has the same problem as me, when I try lớn cut that part of the clip away, it adds this "blaông xã space" for some reason anyways when I've sầu cut it out.

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